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Dominion Spas SW15 Swim Spa

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  • 177" x 86.6" x 59"



  • Stainless Steel Jets:  21 + 3 river jets
  • Pumps:  3 x (10amp swim), 1 x (10amp jets), 1 circulation pump
  • Seating Capacity 3
  • Dry Weight:  1785lbs/810kg
  • Filled Weight:  16115lbs/7310kg
  • Volume:  1717 gallons/6500 Liters
  • Electrical:  1 x 240/60amp


Extreme North Insulation Package

  • 6" cover with a full steam shield
  • Closed Cell Insulation encompasses the entire acrylic shell.
  • Perimeter insulation consists of foil-backed rigid insulation on the cabinet.
  • 5.5 kW heater.
  • Board insulation covers the entire base of the moulded pan bottom.


  • padded headrests:  2
  • 200sq foot filtration
  • Insulated rodent-proof ABS floor
  • 6" locking winter cover
  • Digital Balboa Smart Controls
  • 1 x 5.5kw heaters
  • Custom Designed Stainless Steel Threaded Jets
  • Aristech hand-rolled acrylic bonded with Vinyl Ester resin
  • Deluxe LED lighting package with backlit jets
  • Welded Stainless Steel Frame
  • UV resistant synthetic cabinet
  • 200mg/h ozone water purification
  • Wifi smartphone control
  • Tranquillity LED waterfall

  *Specs may differ from the picture. Contact your dealer for info.





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