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The Best Hot Tubs
Unbeatable Pricing

Spa Wholesale Outlet

Spa Wholesale Outlet

Buy Direct from the VP of North American Sales for Dominion Spas!

Over 50 years of experience in the hot tub industry!

"Welcome to Spa Wholesale Outlet. As the VP of North American Sales at Dominion Spas, I am proud to offer you the best selection of high-quality hot tubs at unbeatable prices. I can sell directly to you from home, meaning no employees and overhead costs. Make an appointment today to see all our hot tubs in stock and ready for delivery at our two locations. You won't find a better deal anywhere else!

Howell, Michigan

4999 Fisher Road

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Clarkston, Michigan

11227 Clark Rd, Davisburg

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up to 50% off MSRP


Years of Experience in Spas


Locations in Michigan

Hot Tub Water

Two Locations to Serve you.

Find us in Howell, Michigan &

Clarkston, Michigan

Hear what a service company thinks of Dominion Spas!

Top-of-the-line Dominion Spa hot tubs. 

Why Choose Dominion Spas?

Dominion Spas Standard Features are Unmatched!

Welded Stainless Steel Frames

In 50+ years of hot tub experience, we have never seen a better-built frame than the welded stainless steel frames that are in every Dominion Spa. Never worry about water rotting your frame!

Upgraded Spa Plumbing

Water lines are glued and sealed with hand-tightened gear clamps to ensure a stress-free spa experience for years to come. Most manufacturers use spring clamps or no clamps at all which can loosen and leak over time.

Upgraded Hot Tub Insulation

Our Extreme North Insulation Package includes a 5.5kw heater, a 6” locking winter cover with full steam shield, closed-cell insulation on the shell, high-density perimeter Cabinet insulation & an insulated rodent-proof ABS floor. Michigan's winters won't stand a chance.

Advanced Hydrotherapy Jets

Engineered to deliver targeted pressure and soothing massage, these advanced jets offer a rejuvenating spa experience like no other. Experience relief from tension and stress as the powerful streams work their magic on your muscles, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Never Stop Swimming!

It's always swimming season when you own a

Dominion Spa Swim Spa!

Whether it's a single zone or a dual zone, you can swim all year long while also enjoying the benefits of

Dominion Spas' Advanced Hydrotherapy Jets

Cold Plunges Have Arrived!

Our Dominion Spa Cold Plunges offer a unique way to improve your health and wellness. Contrast therapy has been used for centuries to help improve circulation, boost energy and enhance immunity. Our cold plunges are designed to offer you the perfect contrast to warm hot tubs and saunas. Whether you are looking to promote muscle recovery, soothe inflammation or simply rejuvenate your body, our Cold Plunges are the perfect solution.

Hot Tubs Mi
2 in 1

Enjoy all the benefits of hot and cold with a range from 40°F to 104°F

Plug & Play

110v Plug n Play operation.

Circulation Pump

Equipped with a circulation pump to keep your water moving & filtering 24/7.

Year Round Useage

Enjoy cold & hot therapy year round with winter ready insulation & cover.

Cold Plunge

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