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Why Buy a Dominion Spa?

Everything you need to know about why your next hot tub should be a Dominion Spa!

Welded Stainless Steel Frame and Insultated Floor

Welded Stainless
Steel Frames

Dominion Spas are built with welded stainless steel frames to ensure life long stability and security.

Upgraded Plumbing

Water lines are glued and sealed with hand-tightened gear clamps to ensure a stress-free spa experience for years to come. Most manufacturers use spring clamps or no clamps at all which can loosen and leak over time.

Hose Clamps
hot tub

Vac-formed ABS Foundation

Strength starts at the foundation with an insulated rodent proof Vac-formed ABS Floor. This feature ensures high efficiency and longevity for the spa by keeping heat in and rodents and pests out.


Our Extreme North Insulation Package includes a 5.5kw heater, a 6” locking winter cover with full steam shield, closed cell insulation on the shell, high density perimeter Cabinet insulation & and an insulated rodent-proof ABS floor.

Insulated Cabinet Walls
Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Pumps feature shock absorbers attached to our stainless steel frames for whisper quiet operation.

dominion spas

Advanced Hydrotherapy Jets

Dominion Spa's jets are designed to hit all the right places for deep, satisfying massages every time!

Pump Leak Protection Jacket

Splash Guards

Dominion spas cover pumps with splash guards to ensure no damage will occur to mechanical components in the rare event there is ever a leak.  

Aristech Acrylics

Dominion's acrylic shells are hand rolled and bonded with vinyl ester resin to create the strongest, most durable spa shell possible.

The surface finish stays bright through years of use. Colours remain true and will not fade or dull in sunlight. Bio-Lok® surface cleans easily and naturally resists microorganism buildup. Resists common household stains like lipstick, dye, ink and crayon. Retains heat and is comfortably warm to the touch. Design and color are delivered with dependable consistency.

In addition to Aristech Acrylics®  excellent gloss and color retention, their Bio-Lok® surfaces are naturally impervious to microbes, without the need of added chemicals. The non-porous nature of the Aristech Acrylics®  Bio-Lok® sheet defends against the penetration and subsequent growth of microorganisms on its surface. Bio-Lok® hot tubs are shielded against microbes, easy to clean, durable, and do not contain any antimicrobial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives.

Dual Zone Swim Spa

Balboa Control Systems

All Dominion Spas feature Balboa Control Spa Packs & Topside Controllers. 


BP2000 + TP600 

Wi-Fi EnabledOverheat Fault Detection for Runaway Pumps / Stuck RelaysNew Software with Color GraphicsMultiple LanguagesComprehensive DiagnosticsExpandable, Configurable. Supports Dozens of Spa SetupsMade in North America

Includes Balboa's patented overheat Fault Detection for runaway pumps or stuck relays. The new M7 Plus software design incorporates patented technology using a microprocessor to intelligently monitor the hot tub water temperature and detect a runaway pump or stuck relays. If detected, the system will automatically attempt to shut the power off to the tub to prevent any overheating by trying to trip the GFCI in the circuit (per electrical codes). (BP2000 systems only) 


Smoothly integrates with bwa™, ControlMySpa™, bba™ and Balboa's Topside Panels

Compact size with removable feetAttached or remote heaterBP capable featuresWiFi (bwa™ & ControlMySpa™), Balboa Bluetooth Audio (bba™), Newest TP/SpaTouch™ Panels Can be customized to fit your needsMade in North America

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